Real Talk: LeBron James on Road Trippin' podcast season finale June 16, 2017 16:52

In a world of cliche sound bites, Cavs Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and FOX Sports Ohio reporter Allie Clifton keep things light and real with LeBron James on the Road Trippin' podcast finale. Things get so blunt and honest, you'll laugh so hard, your sides will hurt.

Episode Description: It didn't go the way we all wanted on the court, but Road Trippin', team dinners, the camaraderie GOES ON - & what better way to close out than be joined by The King. On this edition we address the elephant in the room, Channing & Bron both making facial hair changes - what DEFINES a "Super Team" & does anyone really compare to KD, according to LBJ? Enjoy this final taste ...& always know, WE love ALL of you - & couldn't have enjoyed sharing OUR stories more than with all of you - UNTIL NEXT TIME! -- OH, can anyone guess what the BELL signifies?

Due to explicit language, this episode is intended for mature audiences.